Food thats out of this world

Food thats out of this world

When the crew of Apollo 8 blasted off for the moon at the end of 1968, the menu onboard included thermo-stabilised cheddar cheese spread, hot dogs and rehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce (a favourite with Neil Armstrong). Gastronauts who are lucky enough to land a place on a new lunar adventure from the team behind the world’s top restaurant can expect to tuck into something a little more out of this world.

The trip to the moon will actually take place in an art gallery in Barcelona on 6 May, and mission control comprises of the Roca Brothers, whose three-Michelin-starred El Celler de Can Roca has just scooped first place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards. Over the past two decades, the three brothers – head chef Joan, head sommelier Josep and pastry chef Jordi – have taken food into the outer limits of culinary experience, and guests at the Girona restaurant can expect to be served anything from an olive tree with caramelised olives to lamb in a smoke-filled cloche or pomegranate candy floss.

Their new project is called El Somni (The Dream), an opera that unfolds in 12 acts (and 12 courses), drawing together Greek myth, robotic musicians, poetry and digital art, as well as the talents of film producer Jaume Roures, video and mechanical artist Franc Aleu and musical director Zubin Mehta, among others. The story follows the adventures of a girl, Astrid, who visits the moon then falls back to earth with a splash and falls in love with Adonis; the narrative was written first and the food – including an edible moon rock – followed, though in parts the story has been adapted to fit the dish.

So are the brothers turning food into high art? Well, despite expressions like ‘transversal creativity’ being bandied about at the recent London preview of El Somni, Joan Roca assured the audience that, ‘We are craftsman, not artists. We want to mix cuisine with different types of emotion. We can dream, but keep our feet on the ground.’ And Josep added, ‘I’ve been trying to find new wines to accompany a lunar trip, which taste as if you’re falling into a vacuum. We want to seduce with sensations, and provoke.’

The performance of El Somni on 6 May 2013 is a one-off, and will be attended by just 12 people – so you have more chance of getting a seat on Virgin Galactic. But it will be filmed for a wider audience, and the Roca Brothers are hoping to take the multi-media experience to other cities in the future. Prepare for countdown…

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