Sip iconic cocktails in New York

Sip iconic cocktails in New York

Talented mixologists, selected from the best bars across the country, have come together to create the Cocktail Collective – surely creating the strongest team of bartenders in the States.

With names such as Richard Boccato, from Dutch Kills and Pain Killer in New York, and John Lermayer, from The Florida Room in South Beach and Woodward in Boston, involved, the group look set to make an enormous impact on cocktail culture across the world.

The Cocktail Collective was formed when the sub-continental plates of the beverage intelligentsia world collided

“The Cocktail Collective was formed when the sub-continental plates of the beverage intelligentsia world collided, and the powers that be were left with no recourse other than to dispatch five heralds from the farthest confines of the imbibing universe to join forces and make things right in hotel lobbies all over the galaxy,” Richard Boccato explains.

The group will debut at Royalton’s Forty Four in New York, serving pre and post prohibition cocktails and exclusive signature items, such as a custom boutique barrel program and a modern punch bowl menu. Inspired by the finest hotel bars from around the globe, the cocktails serve as a testament to the legacy of the bartenders who presided therein: Hotel Nacional is made from a daiquiri of sorts with dry white rum, fresh organic pineapple and lime juice, apricot brandy and a touch of sugar

“The concept of hearkening back to the days of hotel lobby cocktail splendor was an easy decision to make,” says Boccato. “We wanted to pay tribute to the legacy of the legendary venues that have preceded our efforts. We wouldn’t think of going forward without recognising the famed bars and venerated bartenders who have inspired us through timeless literature and enduring folklore.”

Executive Chef Scott Ekstrom has also created a new menu to complement the drinks; his signature dishes include black lime shrimp cocktail, parmesan risotto poppers, white miso tuna squares and nueske bacon disco chips.

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