Party like its 1899

Party like its 1899

London is embracing Victoriana like it never went out of fashion. Here’s four haunts that Miss Haversham would definitely approve of…

You half expect the artful dodger to pinch your wallet at this ‘secret’ warehouse, transformed into a gin palace with faded Union Jacks and flickering candles. Gather round the old Joanna and join in a singsong at one of the final six events before the music hall closes on 2nd February, or try your hand at a traditional street game – a round of ‘throw the penny on the plate’ anone?
Leyshon Brothers Bonded Warehouse, secret location in London Bridge. (

Until Kenneth Branagh’s turn as lsambard Kingdom Brunel, the Industrial Revolution seemed like a strange theme for a restaurant. Now it’s oddly on-trend, and this subterranean establishment nails it with cogs, pipes and valves, and a staircase that could double as a steam train.
The Factory House, No. 10, Lime St., London. (020 7929 4590;

The bubbling test tubes at this dimly lit drinking den have a distinct air of Dr Jekyll’s lab – but instead of turning you into Mr Hyde, they transform into superior cocktails such as Mother’s Ruin, packed with gin, grapefruit and clary sage.
Worship Street Whistling Shop, 63 Worship Street, London. (020 7247 0015;

Islington’s three-storey House of Wolf updates the music-hall tradition with immersive theatre experiences, quirky chef residencies and an Apothecary Bar pouring historic tipples – some into antique flower vases and medicinal vials.
House of Wolf, 181 Upper Street, Islington. (0207 2881470;

By Collette Lyons. Published in Conde Nast Traveller January 2013.

Pictured: Leyshon Brothers Bonded Warehouse

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