Jan Hedh brings Fika to London

Jan Hedh brings Fika to London

You have to love a country where coffee-drinking and cafe-culture are so ingrained in everyday life that there’s even a verb for sipping a hot beverage while eating pastries and biscuits: Sweden’s passion for ‘fika’ might not yet be well-known outside its borders, but that’s about to change as Visit Sweden and world-renowned pastry chef Jan Hedh host a pop-up parlour on Soho Square this week.

“Fika is a part of Swedish peoples lives and something we do everyday; it is a great way to relax and spend time with friends and indulge yourself,” says Jan Hedh. “A fika must have cookies and coffee – traditionally, you’d serve seven types cookies, and that is what everyone at the Fika Square event will get, so they’ll experience fika as it should be done.” And not just any seven, of course, but a selection of Sweden’s most popular – including Hedh’s own favourite, the ‘vaniljdiamant’, a vanilla-infused, crispy biscuit – all made in Hedh’s bakery in Malmo in the southernmost province of Skane.

Malmo is also Hedh’s favourite place for a fika picnic, and he recommends you stop by his own shop and cafe Olof Viktors there to stock up on ingredients before setting off. “Even though fika traditionally involves cookies, you can mix it up a little, and I’d recommend akraftstjartsmacka (a crayfish-tail sandwich), some cinnamon buns,valrhonachokladskorpor (a lovely chocolate cookie with pistachios) and a nice cappuccino – all made fresh that day on the premises.”

The Fika Parlour will be open from 12.30pm to 2.30pm, 24-26 August (email reservations@fikasquare.co.uk to reserve tables for up to six people), but if you can’t make it – fear not: you’ll still be able to sample Nordic treats in London at the Nordic Bakery cafes on Golden Square and in Marylebone, Scandi Kitchen in Fitzrovia and Fika on Brick Lane.

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