Room With A View

Room With A View

A collaboration between two of Britain’s leading cultural organisations will give adventurous visitors to London the chance to stay in a room with an unprecedented view – on top of the Southbank Centre.

Architecture firm Living Architecture and art foundation Artangel have collaborated on A Room For London. Designed by artist Fiona Banner and David Kohn Architects, the room is built in the shape of a fantastical boat that appears to have been washed up in a flood on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre.

The Roi des Belges was inspired by the steamboat of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. It is described by its creators as ‘a beautifully crafted timber object, full of nooks and crannies to explore’, and will hoist a nautical flag to indicate when guests have arrived. Up to two guests at a time can spend the night there; they are encouraged to fill out a logbook on the bridge of the ship, in order to share their thoughts on the experience – and their fresh perspective of the capital.

‘We weren’t looking for an enduring piece of architecture but something playful and lighthearted,’ says the initiative’s creative director, Alain de Botton.

A Room for London is open to guests from January to December 2012 as part of the London Festival.
To book or for more details contact Living Architecture

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