A day at the beach in East London

A day at the beach in East London

This Sunday, writers’ and readers’ retreat Scrivener’s Cove will pop up in East London for A Day at the Beach.

The pop-up takes a literary theme, inviting Londoners to bring a novel and relax on the deck chairs at the beach. The exhibition curator Sally O’Reilly wanted to set up an event with both beach associations and a literary resonance.

“I was wondering how to get reading and writing out into the public realm for the Writer in Residence programme,” O’Reilly told prokokos.com. “I was thinking how people are used to books and poems on public transport, waiting rooms and so on, but where, other than libraries, do people go specifically to read or perhaps even write as a leisure activity? Beaches were the only place I could think of.”

“There have been temporary beaches in Paris before now, but they’re evoked through the rather literal act of dumping loads of sand next to the river. It would be much more challenging to drum up a beach by resorting to neither sand nor water – to use imagination and ingeniousness alone.”

Visitors to Scrivener’s Cove can take part in activities including literary volleyball, where teams of writers battle it out on a paper ‘court’. There will also be a snack bar purveying books, magazines and fanzines with a seaside aroma; and art publication sandcastles, and beachcombing for holiday novels.

A Day at the Beach in Whitechapel takes place on Sunday 22 August, 1-5pm, at Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel High Street, London. Visit www.whitechapelgallery.org for more information.

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