A favourite place

A favourite place

One day in the distant future, when our descendants study Britain in the 21st century, someone will use the pictures of Harry Cory Wright to prove it was one of the most stunning countries in the world. Despite the industrial revolution, motorways, nuclear and coal-burning power stations, wind farms, and the prospect of fourth airport runways and high speed train routes, his photographs will provide the unquestionable evidence that right here, right now, Britain is beautiful.

Cory Wright’s previous collections, including Journey Through the British Isles (2007) and Place In Mind (2010), have taken us on atmospheric tours of the British isles, documenting both its natural beauty and the landmarks that identify it. For his latest exhibition, Hey Charlie, which opens at London’s Eleven Gallery on 19 June and runs through the summer, the photographer has revealed his association with one place – a bend in the river that he has known since childhood.

Born and still living in Norfolk, Cory Wright grew up near this spot with his brother (the Charlie of the title), and the photographs in the exhibition set out to create new memories while retaining the playful echoes of youth. From glistening fun with fireworks such as Astral Rocket 2nd Attempt seen above, other more tranquil portraits of the river and trees draw upon dawn, dusk, dew and smoke in equal measure. It’s also the first time he has mixed the use of digital camera with his favoured 10 x 8 inch negatives, but the modernity of the approach hasn’t altered his creative eye.

For anyone that has lost faith in the romance and rejuvenation that the British countryside can offer, it’s a must-see.

Hey Charlie is at the Eleven Fine Art Gallery, 11 Ecclestone Street, London SW1W 9LX from 19 June to 14 September, 2013. For more information visit www.elevenfineart.com and www.harrycorywright.com

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