Home is where the art is

Home is where the art is

Stay somewhere inspiring and let your imagination flow – home-rentals company Onefinestay is offering creativity residencies to artists, and Gavin Turk and Polly Morgan are first to try it.

House swaps and home rentals started as a good idea for a budget city break. Then company Onefinestay took the concept and turned it into something you do not just to save money but because it can be even better than staying in a good hotel.

The key is the collection of properties. They’re amazing. They’re the kind of places where beautiful and successful people in films live, in the coolest neighbourhoods of Paris, London, New York and LA. Then the beautiful and successful people who live in them go on holiday and leave out bread and wine and tips about where to hang out, where to eat, drink, shop, etc, to help guests feel like a local in a city they might never have visited before.

Now the company is encouraging artists to set up temporary shop in their properties, as places to live and work away from their own familiar homes.

Artists have holed up in hotels for centuries (why interrupt the creative process by having to cook your own breakfast and hoover under the bed?), and recently top hotels such as London’s Corinthia have had artists in residence. The difference is that a homestay allows the space, solitude and privacy to think and work, interrupted.

Gavin Turk (one of the original YBAs along with contemporaries Emin and Hirst) is one of the first artists to try it, taking up residency in Paris this winter, in a light, fifth-floor duplex on the Rue Beaubourg. ‘I was attracted by the different spin on a traditional artists-in-residence programme,’ Turk says. ‘Being immersed in a neighbourhood rather than institutionalised was particularly attractive.’

Meanwhile artist Polly Morgan, known for her delicate, prettily macabre taxidermy works, is going to stay in a superb and suitably quirky 1920s chateau off Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles (pictured), a long way from her converted factory in Hackney Wick. Let’s hope the owners aren’t averse to the lingering scent of formaldehyde.

It’s not just fine artists: Onefinestay is encouraging artists of all disciplines – musicians, writers, photographers – to arrange stays in return for a piece of work. Novelist and screenwriter Emma Forrest has signed up for a stay in a house near Venice Beach, LA, to inspire her.

Perhaps a stay somewhere inspiring is all you need to get that novel written, song composed, masterpiece painted. Or perhaps something completely unexpected will happen, in an unfamiliar place.

For more information visit www.onefinestay.com

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