Pan’s Labyrinth by numbers

Pan’s Labyrinth by numbers

Having forever changed the meaning of a quick back-row fumble at the pictures by handing out mystery parcels to unwrap while the lights are out at its one-off events in London, Edible Cinema is back with its first ever film festival.

Far from the average cinema experience, the three-day event takes place at Babington House in Somerset – no sticky floors and popcorn stuck to the seats here – 17-19 November 2013.

As the opening credits roll, guests are given boxes of food, sealed with a number corresponding to a point during the film. When the time comes, you can open it and eat what’s inside. To make it more exciting, the lights stay off (so you’re not quite sure what you’re eating), and you get a Bombay Sapphire gin cocktail with each snack.

The idea is that the food inside the box heightens the experience. So, for example, during a Halloween screening of Beetlejuice, guests were given Corpse Reviver cocktails as the Maitlands’ car crashes into the lake, and sugar-coated brazil nuts when the sand worm appears.

You can cheat by looking at the menu beforehand, but with films such as Pan’s Labyrinth screening, it’ll be more thrilling to close your eyes and hope for the best.

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