Mango Unchained

Mango Unchained

One wag suggested people should be on the look out for someone selling cheap mango smoothies. Another that it could now be disguised elsewhere, perhaps now painted and looking like a giant peanut. But mostly people scratched their heads and looked around, wondering where the world’s largest mango could have got to.

The theft of the three-storey high, 7,000kg metal mango (pictured above) has caused uproar in its home town of Bowen, North Queensland, where, unsurprisingly, the fruit is a major crop and the replica a popular stop-off for tourists on Australia’s “big” trail. Giant objects around Australia in various states include the ‘Big Potato’ in New South Wales, the ‘Big Lobster’ in South Australia, the ‘Big Axe’ in Melbourne, and the ‘Big Macadamia Nut’ in Queensland.

At first there were rumours of a publicity stunt. After all, Bowen wasn’t particularly known for making national news, let alone be the centre of a story that has pricked the curiosity of the public on all sides of the world.

But CCTV cameras revealed that well-prepared crooks arrived with a crane and metal cutters to snatch the giant fruit from its rightful home. Some now fear that despite Australia’s vast natural resources, it could be the metal from which the mango is cast that the cheeky crooks were after.

The crooks haven’t just stolen a 30-foot high imitation fruit. They’ve stolen one of Bowen’s best known reasons to visit, though we should give a mention to their award-winning beaches, fishing at the jetty, a walk up high to Flagstaff Hill for panoramic 360-degree views, plus of course the wild emus, buffalo and camels that roam the area inland.

Anyone spotting the ‘mega mango’ aboard a crane or giant lorry heading south from the Bowen area are asked to contact Bowen Police Station.

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