Tremayne Carew-Poles New York

Tremayne Carew-Poles New York

Tremayne Carew-Pole, the managing director of the Hedonist Guides, is a travel expert. We asked him to share his favourite tips for trips to New York…

What is the first piece of advice you’d give to anyone going to New York?
Bring some comfortable shoes to walk in and don’t be afraid to walk the city – it’s so easy to navigate and so interesting to just walk by. I rarely venture above 24th – there’s no sky in Midtown and all the really fun bars, restaurants and clubs are downtown. Being uptown seems so impersonal.

If you only had one night in the city, where would you stay?
I would love to stay in the new(ish) Standard – I love the area on the edge of the Hudson and close to the West Village – I can walk to Soho, the East Village, Chelsea as well as being a short taxi ride from midtown and any meetings I need to do up there. The bar is always busy and there are so many amazing places around to grab a coffee, glass of wine, walk along the Highline, chill in the sun on one of the piers – the list is endless.

The problem with NY is the food is just so damn good

Where would you eat?
The problem with NY is the food is just so damn good – everywhere you go the portions are huge, the quality so superior to anywhere else in the world and the choice almost endless. I’d hit Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery for breakfast – up in the Time Warner Centre the homemade apricot jam is amazing. For lunch I would head downtown to Scott Conant’s new restaurant Faustina on the Bowery and, well, Cooper Square – the prawns wrapped in lardo were out of this world and the informal small plate dining is perfect for lunch. For supper I’d then head to either Double Crown, an amazing British-Colonial place on the Bowery with delicious, innovative food, an always buzzing atmosphere and the coolest little bar in town, or Madam Geneva – a hidden cocktail bar out back where they mix spoons of jam with gin fizzes.

Which tourist sights are a must and which would you miss?
I always head to the MoMA – I studied modern art as my degree and love to see the range and depth, as well as the passing exhibitions. Otherwise the Frick is amazing and heading to the Top of the Rock to take in the view is a little kitsch, but quick and fun. If you really want to have some fun take a 10 minute helicopter ride up and down the Hudson, swinging around the Statue of Liberty – if you can coincide it with sunset it can be impressive and you get a real feel for how the city is laid out.

What’s your best NYC insider tip?
You have to try one of the Momofuku restaurants while you are in town, they are just so damn good.

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