Further flight chaos for UK travellers

Further flight chaos for UK travellers

Passengers in the UK face further flight chaos as severe ice and snowfall threaten to disrupt the country over the next week.

Independent meteorologists at the British Weather Service have predicted that the UK will – for a third time this year – be hit by severe snows and icy conditions.

Senior risk meteorologist Jim Dale said: “The snow will initially affect eastern counties of England and Scotland, but will become more widespread as next week unfolds, with most areas eventually seeing some significant falls.

“The country can again expect disruption to its infrastructure, especially travel, with widespread school closures and possible power outages likely to add to the overall misery.”

Earlier this week, heavy snow closed schools and halted traffic across England and Wales. The worst-hit was the East of England, with the South-East experiencing a record snowfall of 30cm, and the North-East with 50cm. 270 flights were cancelled at Stansted airport in Essex on Monday, while 95 flights remained grounded at Luton.

Further transport disruptions are expected over the next seven days, and travellers are advised to check with their airlines before they head out.

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