Security test compulsory for travellers to USA

Security test compulsory for travellers to USA

All travellers heading to the USA under the country’s visa waiver program must now pass a compulsory security test to be allowed entry.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) is now compulsory for all countries that participate in the visa waiver program; a scheme that allows travellers from certain countries – including the UK – to stay in the USA for up to 90 days without a Visa.

ESTA is a web-based program that allows the American government to screen travellers before they board air or sea transport by collecting security information on them. The online measure replaces the old-style paper forms passengers frequently filled out en route to America, and lasts for up to two years. Passengers must obtain ESTA authorisation at least 72 hours before they travel or they will not be able to gain entry to the country.

For further information on how to apply for ESTA, click here.

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