Touring Italy at high speed

Touring Italy at high speed

Aimed at the vast company of car enthusiasts worldwide, Ferrai tours – based in picturesque Tuscany – feature some of the most iconic and idolized cars around.

With a fleet that includes theFerrari 430 Spider,Ferrari Californiaand of course the 2011 World Performance Car of the Year, the Ferrari 458 Italia, the company offers VIP excursions for individuals or groups. Guests have the opportunity to get behind the wheel themselves and travel solo, but alternatives include an accompanying guide vehicle and multiple car leases for groups.

As part of the Ferrari Tours, travellers enjoy a variety of indulgences en route. From fine dining at some of Italy’s most inspired restaurants, to villas, deluxe hotels and a wealth of culture at every stop, “Ferrari Tours are unique. Our ultra-VIP clients know what they want, and we work with them to create the ultimate experience”, said Natalie de la Bruni, development manager of Ferrari Tours.

Whether or not the clients choose to widen their itinerary, it is Italy’s vast, panoramic landscape that acts as the real catalyst for this exhilarating driving experience. Hairpin bends appear around every corner and stretches of shimmering road meander their way up and down mountain valleys.

Prices for the customised Ferrari Tours begin at €1,000 per person per day. For more information about the tours and to book online, go to

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