The travel business gets ready for ILTM

The travel business gets ready for ILTM

If your local luxury travel operator disappears at the beginning of December, it’s not because they’ve booked themselves two weeks on St Kitts. It’s more likely they are attending the International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes, the event where the “players” in luxury travel do business.

ILTM is the leading ‘by invitation only’ showcase for the global luxury travel community. Only those specialists who are responsible for sourcing and buying the most elite of luxury travel products are invited to attend.

The event brings together the world’s most sought after collection of elite travel experiences including private villas, luxury hotels, stunning spas and wellbeing experiences, private jets, destinations, unique attractions and incredible adventures.

Some are timeless classics, but an increasing number are undiscovered luxurious, yet authentic travel experiences such as learning to fish using traditional methods in the Maldives or even volunteering at the latest eco-tourism project.

To find out more about the world’s most exclusive travel event, which takes place from 6 – 9 December, see

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