A Titanic expedition to the ocean floor

A Titanic expedition to the ocean floor

An exclusive voyage takes travellers to the RMS Titanic’s final resting place on the ocean floor south of Newfoundland to mark the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Titanic enthusiasts will dive down 3,800 metres in a deep-sea submersible (a submarine built to withstand pressure at depth), similar to the ones used on the set of James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film.

Guests will spend seven days on an expedition vessel at the wreck site, south of Newfoundland, diving once each to the bow section, promenade and grand staircase of the sunken ocean liner. Onboard oceanographers and Titanic experts will deliver lectures and briefings about the ship’s history.

When the famously ‘unsinkable’ ship hit an iceberg on 14 April 1912, around 1,500 crew and passengers lost their lives. Many of the victims were recovered and buried in the nearest city, Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax, which is one of the stops on the 15-day journey.

Four trips will take place in 2012, the centennial year of the disaster, departing from Halifax, Nova Scotia: 30 June, 12 July, 27 July, 6 August.

From US$12,498 per person on a full-board basis; excluding flights and submarine dive. For more information or to book contact Horizon & Co (00 1 800 387 2977; www.horizon-co.com)

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