A genuine tee-time treat

A genuine tee-time treat

Most golfers are obsessives. As a teenager, I would resentfully look at the box of golf balls bought for me by a relative at Christmas and indignantly think “How could they think I use those? Why didn’t they find out which brand I prefer?” To me buying me the wrong brand of golf ball was as appropriate as buying me a Shakin’ Stevens album, when all I listened to at the time was David Bowie and Blondie. They were quite patently not the same thing, and these details mattered. Even the type of tees, those inert little pegs you stick in the ground at the start of each hole to hit your ball from, matter. Wooden or plastic? Stacked or streamline? Short or long? Golf is a minefield of very personal psychological triggers that no one should attempt to mess around with.

This type of behaviour carries on into adulthood, and choosing the correct ‘golf break’ is very much something that should be left to those who are taking part. What may be one man’s golfing heaven could easily be another’s golfing Hades. But like all things, there has to be a summit. A top-drawer option that almost any golfer, no matter how fussy, would relish the prospect of – and this is where golfing wizards TPEGS come in.

The Scottish company have created an irrestistable combination of classic golf courses, exhilarating helicopter jaunts, luxury accommodation and world-class coaching that is going to fill any amateur (and I suspect some professional) golfers with a glow of anticipation. With the possible exception of the weather, every detail that could be taken care of (like a Bentley to pick you up from Edinburgh airport) has been taken care of, delivering a golfing experience that is like no other.

So let’s run through our checklist for the perfect break. Firstly the courses – you’ll be staying (and playing) at the exclusive Archerfield Golf Club, with its two classic coastal links courses. Itineraries are bespoke, but typically a four-night stay would include trips to three other courses in the area, including Gleneagles, home of the 2014 Ryder Cup. Where appropriate you’ll be travelling by helicopter to give you aeriel views of the stunning Scottish scenery and maximise your playing time.

Accommodation is in a luxury Member’s Lodge at Archerfield, and there is access to Fletcher’s Cottage Spa and gym at the club. To improve your game there is a daily golf clinic – but this is coaching of the highest quality. TPEGS secret weapon is its founders – none other than former European Ryder Cup pro Andrew Coltart, and European Tour coach Gary Nicol. Both men have the know-how to improve anyone’s game – and get your swing performing the best it can before tackling Scotland’s devlishly tough courses. They’ll even email you some video lessons to check on your smartphone in case it all goes wrong out on the course.

As a combination it’s a UK golf break that’s near impossible to match. All they have to do now is start work on perfecting the weather…

To find out more information visit www.tpegs.com for an introductory video, or call +44 (0)1620 621188 to discuss your bespoke break. Prices are around ?1,000 per person per day including breakfast and lunch, depending on your itinerary. To arrange chartered air travel to Edinburgh airport visit TPEGS partners www.execaircharter.com

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