Game of throwings

Game of throwings

Keep your aim steady and rock the sure shot for New York’s latest bar craze.

New Yorkers practically invented drinking games. Not the shot-filled student variety, but ping-pong over cocktails (head to SPiN), and bocce with a beer (it’s like boules, try it at Floyd NY). Tabletop shuffleboard has been the latest retro pastime to hit New York. The aim? To rack up points by sliding four metal pucks as close as possible to the end of a long wooden table.

Now Brooklynites are graduating to the full-size version that their grandparents used to play on cruise-ship decks – swapping small pucks for large ‘biscuits’, using a wooden paddle called a tang to send them to the scoring area. The newly opened Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club ( has 10 regulation-size courts, painted a Floridian blue and surrounded by cabanas and a pool deck where you sip on a Key Lime Fizz while waiting for your next game.

By Sunshine Flint. Published in Conde Nast Traveller March 2014.

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