Masterpieces worth millions stolen from Paris Museum

Masterpieces worth millions stolen from Paris Museum

A single thief crept into a Paris museum and stole five masterpieces worth over ?431 million last night without so much as sounding the alarm.

World-famous works by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse were discovered missing from the Paris Museum of Modern Art at 7am this morning, after a guard spotted a lone masked intruder carefully lifting the paintings out of their frames on the museum CCTV.

A broken window was also discovered, alongside a cut padlock which secured a grille giving access to the building. As a result, the museum has been cordoned off until further notice, and visitors turned away due to what it called ‘technical reasons’.

Earlier today, the Mayor of Paris called the crime an “intolerable attack on Paris’s universal cultural heritage”.

The stolen pictures include Le Pegion aux Petits-Pois by Picasso; La Pastorale by Matisse; L’Olivier pres de l’Estaque by Braque; La Femme a l’Eventail by Modigliani; and Nature-mort aux Chandeliers by Leger.

The theft is now being investigated by France’s most senior robbery unit, the Brigade de Repression du Banditisme. As of yet, it is still unclear as to why alarm systems did not alert staff of the intruders presence earlier.

Despite the heist, Paris is still a great year-round place to visit. Click here to read the best places to stay, eat and visit in the French capital.

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