Russian theme blooms at Holland’s annual tulip show

Russian theme blooms at Holland’s annual tulip show

A flower bulb mosaic of Moscow’s iconic St Basil’s Cathedral will be among the spectacular sights blooming at Holland’s annual tulip exhibition Keukenhof this spring.

This year’s theme is ‘From Russia with Love’ and will include a mammoth 21m? mosaic replicating the domes of the cathedral, using more than 65,000 bulbs. Colourful depictions of Russian landscapes, gardens, wildlife and children’s toys are also expected to feature among the designs, and new flower bulbs will be given Russian names. The black ‘Baba Yaga’ tulip will also be on display for the first time in the Netherlands.

Over 800,000 visitors are expected to attend the traditional nine-week exhibition held in Lisse. The event, now in its 61st year, will be held from 18 March-16 May. For further information, visit

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