A hot tub to float your boat

A hot tub to float your boat

At some point you’ve probably wished you could just float away on a boat and leave the world behind. Now, a Seattle-based tour company has come up with an idea that means you can float away in a boat instead.

The Hot Tub Boat Company does what it says on the tin – or rather what it says on its boats. The company claims the invention of the Hot Tub Boat was ‘born out of necessity’, such are the chilly sea breezes that often dominate Seattle’s climate.

The boats have already caused more than a ripple at this year’s Seattle Boat Show, and anyone who’s been for a ‘pleasure cruise’ in the UK outside of the best summer months could see that this may not be the last we see of hot tub boating (even if we never make it to the company’s hire headquarters on the shores of Lake Union).

There are some restrictions on how far you can go hot tub boating, as they are yet to be proven sea-worthy, but certainly within the confines of Lake Union, they look set to be a major hit with locals and travellers alike. A similar project in Rotterdam called ‘Hot Tug Boating’ made the headlines last October, but we think the Seattle version has the edge in the stylish sailing stakes.

Promising rotating views of the Seattle skyline, unlike the wood-burning Dutch version, they have a silent electric motors that power your journey across the lake while keeping you warm in the heated tub. Hire costs are around $150 per hour.

For more information visit www.hottubboats.com or go direct and rent them at Lake Unison. For more details on Rotterdam’s wood-powered hot tugs, visit www.hottug.nl

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