The hardest trip to pack for

The hardest trip to pack for

If you’re having trouble knowing what to pack for your holiday this summer, chances are you’re not in nearly as much difficulty as those heading out on the new Bridge & Wickers White Desert White Lion tour.

Tag-lined by the tour operators themselves as one of ‘the hardest trips to pack for’, the 13-day adventure aims to take its guests from the searing heat of Africa, to the bitter cold of Antarctica and back again.

Departing in December, the unique travel experience starts in Cape Town, where a small group of adventurers will meet for safety talks and an orientation presentation, before they board a private jet heading to an ‘unknown international airport’ and journey due south to the land of the midnight sun.

On arrival, they’ll be transferred to the Whichaway Camp: a temporary luxury reserve perched on the edge of a 200ft ice fall which offers the old-world opulence of an African safari lodge, complete with heated, spacious living and dining areas, a library, a lounge, and cosy sleeping quarters heated by propane stoves. What’s more, the camp was created with complete sensitivity to the natural environment and is dismantled every season to prevent ecological damage.

During the stay, a team of guides (most of whom have held world records for their polar exploration) will accompany guests through a variety of exciting activities, including exploring ice caves, discovering great colonies of emperor penguins, picnicking by an ice lake, sipping Champagne on the crest of a mountain, visiting local science centres, ice climbing, absailing and even spending the night in an igloo.

After eight days, explorers will head back to South Africa, where they will be invited behind the scenes of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve: home to the rare white lion. There, they will spend a further two nights at Mantis’ luxury lodge, before returning to Cape Town.

The exclusive trip will only run four tours this season, with a maximum of 12 people per group. The first departs from 6 December 2010, and costs ?31,650 per person, which includes full-board accommodation and drinks, all activities and non-stop return flights.

For more information, and to book, visit or call 0207 483 6555

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