This is how to roll

This is how to roll

The Volvo (which means ‘I roll’ in Latin), was a symbol of Swedish values during its 20th-century reign at the top of the Nordic car market. It was safe, reliable and, well, maybe just a little bit dull.

But looking back (the 21st-century version of the company is now Chinese-owned and desperate to be sexy), the chunky all-Swedish Volvo of old is not just part of the country’s identity, but also its latest style icon.

Visitors to Gothenburg can now experience driving a classic Volvo PV car (built from 1947 to 1965) as part of a new city tour. You can choose to be either the driver or passenger in one of these majestic motor cars, thanks to the new tours offered by the Time Travel tour group (in collaboration with the Novotel Goteborg where the cars are stored overnight).

Travelling in a convoy (as seen in the picture above) the tour guide drives the first car and keeps in touch via microphones with the cars behind. As long as you have a full driving licence you can drive behind the wheel, and if not you can be a passenger either in the guide car or with a driving partner. Tours cost from just ?22 per person, and are available until 17 November. For more details visit the Time Travel website.

Another reason to visit the city between now and November is the Lights in Alingsas event – less than an hour’s drive from central Gothenburg (though possibly slightly longer in a vintage Volvo). The light extravaganza sees a collection of some of the world’s leading lighting designers show off their stuff with interior and exterior light displays. You can get a better idea of what’s involved by following the event’s Facebook page and website.

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