New safety warning for Commonwealth Games visitors

New safety warning for Commonwealth Games visitors

Travellers visiting India’s troubled Commonwealth Games in New Dehli have been given a new warning about safety from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The event has been hit by poor publicity over recent weeks, including the collapse of a bridge to the main stadium and pictures showing athletes’ accommodation and venues unclean and unfinished. Now the FCO has said that the late completion of stadium is likely to have further impact on the safety of visitors.

A statement on the FCO website says: “Delays are likely to impact on security arrangements and have led to concerns about the safety of some venues.” Security experts have said that it would be usual for stadia to have been “locked down” before the start of the games but this has not been possible while work on them continues right up to the last minute.

For those visiting the sporting event, which runs from 3 – 14 October, there is more than just venue security to consider. New Dehli is currently experiencing a seasonal outbreak of dengue fever, and social unrest is feared after a legal decision about a disputed holy site at Ayodhya is announced today (30 September).

Anyone travelling to New Dehli is recommended to consult the FCO website.

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