Roux reflects on ?1 million mirror showcase

Roux reflects on ?1 million mirror showcase

Michel Roux Jr’s recently opened restaurant in Parliament Square is currently home to a collection of rare mirrors worth over ?1 million – one belonging to former Prime Minister Sir William Gladstone.

Diners at Roux at Parliament can take a look into the past as the restaurant becomes the collection’s temporary home before each mirror becomes available to buy when exhibited at the Ronald Phillips gallery in Bruton Street, London, from 9 June.

Speaking at his new restaurant, which is located in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors building, Michel Roux Jr said: “These beautiful pieces are hundreds of years old, so it’s amazing to think of all the things they may have seen over the years and it’s great to see them on show here, reflecting the long history of the RICS building, home to Roux at Parliament Square.”

Part of the final sale price of the mirrors will be donated to VICTA, Michel Roux Jr’s favourite charity, which supports families of blind and partially-sighted children.

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