Away Spa: a modern sanctuary

Away Spa: a modern sanctuary

Located on the sixth floor of the W Hotel, Leicester Square, the Away Spa is a modern sanctuary for relaxation.

In a bright juxtaposition to the sharp and dark decor of the minimalist hallways of the hotel, the Away Spa has a bright white finish, with lacquered walls and fringe curtains surrounding a chic lounge area.

With five treatment rooms, three private spa suites, sauna, steam rooms, beauty boutique and bar, the Away spa combines REN and Aromatherapy Associates products to relax, rejuvenate and restore the health of visitors.

Upon arrival, guests are greeting with a body-boosting shot of cranberry and pomegranate juice. The private spa suites are freshly scented and harmoniously lit. The staff are friendly and serene, promoting the calm environment instilled by the relaxing music and the fluidity of the curved walls.

The Away Spa offers a range of body and facial treatments with an emphasis on reviving, relaxing and rejuvenating travelled-out guests. There are also special treatments for mothers-to-be, a lava shells massage and bamboo massage as well as signature full-body massages which are tailor-made to fit every guests’ needs.

The masseuses are extremely knowledgeable and are happy to answer questions and suggest future treatments. They are polite and invite guests to talk, or not, always offering choices and ensuring maximum comfort.

Each treatment is personalized to fit your particular needs, so whether you are suffering from stressed shoulders, tight legs or seized up face muscles, the gentle touch and calm air of the Away Spa can help you truly unwind after a long day.

To book an appointment at the Away Spa or for more information call 0207 758 1000 or visit

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