Join the circus at AirHotel

Join the circus at AirHotel

One of the most surreal temporary hotels yet will be popping up – or rather hanging around – in the woodlands of Norfolk this May.

AirHotel combines glamping, treehouses and circus performance. Created by a group of Belgian artists called Time Circus, the hotel is a collection of nine fantastical rooms strung among the trees, in the grounds of Holt Hall in north Norfolk.

High in the branches or hanging just above the forest floor, the cocoon-like structures sleep two to six people, and include a giant bird’s nest with a double bed hidden from view amid a tangle of twigs, a lotus flower with unfurling petals of parachute fabric, a floating wooden zeppelin suite, and a treetop box made from throwaway materials. They are decked out with quality bedlinen and personal night journals where guests can record their dreams and experiences.

There’s even an option for sleepwalkers and vertigo sufferers – the hanging ‘Drop’ room can be winched right down to the ground. And the Wellness Machine room houses an eco-friendly sauna and a lounge bar.

The weirdness does not stop with the architecture. Performance art is all part of the experience, with your hosts a combination of concierge and circus performers, including a geisha girl, the Strongest Granny in the Entire World and ‘aerial hostesses’ who bring room service several metres up to your door, accompanied by a poem or a song.

The pods are available to stay in (for one night only per guest) from 11 May until 2 June, priced from ?70 per night. To book or for more details contact Norwich Theatre Royal (01603 766400;

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