New York unleashed

New York unleashed

Having pets in the city – especially New York City – is fraught with problems, whatever street-style bloggers would have you believe. Apart from anything else, there are almost no back gardens in NYC, even for the pampered pooches of Park Avenue princesses.

It was with these space issues in mind that the Soho Grand Hotel decided to create its very own Dog Park, which is set to open on 1 May 2013 – just in time for summer walkies.

Sure to set tails wagging (literally), the space, conceived by renowned garden designer, Rebecca Cole, nestles between the luxe, pet-friendly hotel and the charming St Alphonsus Liguori Church, on West Broadway.

The garden is dominated by a central patch of green – perfect for four-legged frolicking – and is lined with pretty cherry trees, boxwoods, bamboo, and violet-green ornamental kale. There are benches on which dogs and owners can perch in canine-human communion, and the park is even decked out with ironic-chic fire hydrants, to give the hangout a little street edge (and give the dogs something to cock against).

The finishing touch? Pretty strings of twinkling overhead lights – so that, come nightfall, the hotel’s furry friends can have their very own Manhattan moment.

The Soho Grand Dog Park opens on 1 May 2013, at Soho Grand Hotel, 310 W Broadway New York, NY (00 1 212 965 3000;

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