A front-row seat at Europe’s biggest cultural events

A front-row seat at Europe’s biggest cultural events

Large hotel chains haven’t always been the most sensitive to preserving the way of life, culture and traditions of their surrounds, but with eco-tourism growing in strength recently, luxury hotel groups are using the colourful local heritage of the places they inhabit to their advantage.

Take the new ‘Cultural Capitals Program’ at the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts as an example: the five-star group has devised a special series of programs aimed at promoting cultural events and histories unique to their hotels, which are located in some of Europe’s most sort-after city break destinations.

Elizabeth Pizzinato, vice president of brand communications at Four Seasons, told prokokos.com:

“‘Cultural Capitals 2010: Europe’s Winter of Wonder’ is a great way to highlight both key destinations and Four Seasons hotels. We have a special affinity to Europe’s great cultural traditions because many of our hotels (in Paris, Prague, Florence, and Budapest for example) are housed in heritage buildings that have been restored with meticulous care and particular attention to the historical significance of their architecture. Guests have an immediate sense of the rich history and cultural traditions of these destinations, in settings that are rare and authentic.”

From skipping Lipizzaner stallions and riders in flamboyant costumes to the fine Bavarian ales, the ‘National Gallop’ festival in Budapest is one such event that is sure to take guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace back to the original Hussar roots of Hungary in spectacular style. Budapest’s Heroes’ Square will be overtaken by over 100 competing equestrians, and 300,000 spectators between 30 May and 1 June, and the hotel will ensure guests have front-row seats in the grand stands to watch the action:

“It’s an ideal time to experience the best of art, fashion, design, food, and music without having to travel far away,” Pizzinato continues. “Our guests can always count on the hotel team to connect them with local experts and special guides, and to have the latest word on new and emerging hotspots.”

And if the idea of racing vintage Ferraris at ludicrous speeds round a famous sports track sounds like a dream come true, booking a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence this year is an absolute must. The Galleria Ferrari Museum in Florence is putting on a year-long exhibition of the Italian sports car’s long and sleek history, and the hotel’s concierge can arrange for guests to take a few of the models for a spin on the near-by Fiorano race track.

For more information, and to see other Four Seasons hotels running the Cultural Capitals Program, click here.

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