Introducing… Hotel Buckingham Palace?

Introducing... Hotel Buckingham Palace?

Ever wondered what it might be like to spend the night in Buckingham Palace? Well, if claims that the royal abode may be turned into a hotel, museum and events centre are anything to go by, you might be in luck.

The spectacular claims have been made in a new book released this week by BBC journalist and author Andrew Marr, entitled ‘The Diamond Queen’. In it, Marr alleges that Prince Charles has a number of ideas for the future of the monarchy, one of which would be a remodelling of the palace functions, in favour of a 775-room government building.

The book reads: ‘One of the more dramatic ideas that has been discussed is for the Royal Family in his reign to leave Buckingham Palace entirely, leaving it as a kind of grand official government hotel and centre for events.’

The claims also suggest that the possible future king would move out of one of London’s principal attractions, and instead base himself and the rest of the family at Windsor Castle in Berkshire.

Palace officials have dismissed the idea as pure speculation, however; so for now your best bet at getting to sleep in one of the palace’s 240 bedrooms might be to get a job in the Royal Household.

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